For the past year and a half my breakfast is oatmeal because it allegedly helps to produce breastmilk. So i have it everyday. Rain or shine. Whether I’m home, vacationing  or staying at my relatives’ place. I actually like this warm hearty meal but you’d think I wanted to eat something else occasionally. I humbly chew my kasha (or swallow – that’s why it’s kasha) because it’s a right thing to do.

For the same amount of time I’ve been nursing my baby to sleep. I lie down, wait till she’s out and then scoot over. Then I do whatever but I don’t step outside because she still wakes up often.

So these are the two habits I’ve inadvertently formed. It’s been always easy for me to find an excuse for not doing something: lack of time, numerous distractions,  being busy etc. In fact there’s usually one answer: laziness. I can only imagine how many skills I could acquire by doing something every day. Foreign language, writing, learning – it might increase the gray matter after all. Well, “Procrastinators of the World Unite! … Tomorrow”